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Ten Travel Essentials for Kids

Posted by Jennifer Polat on

Traveling to new (or familiar) places with kids is a wonderful experience and an exciting adventure. Ensuring that your travel goes as smoothly as possible by considering the right items to pack for your little ones is crucial. Taking out the guesswork for you, we’ve pulled together ten of our favorite travel essentials that will leave you and children feeling prepared, put together, and ready to fly… or ride!

BuddyPhones Volume-Limiting Headphones

Your little one will love these colorful, eye-catching headphones and you will, too! They’re durable, cushioned for support, and come with volume-limiting controls to protect little ears. Plus, a travel bag is included to keep everything neat and protected. All you need to do is add the tunes!

CamelBak Water Bottle

Keeping everyone hydrated is important to maintain good health, but also important to maintain those good travel moods! This water bottle from CamelBak is a favorite of ours as it is BPA free, made with sustainable materials, leak-proof, perfect for small hands, and incredibly cute.

Comfy Critters Travel Blanket

We’re pretty certain that a better blanket doesn’t exist! This cool critter is multi-purpose serving as both a blanket and furry friend. We’re partial to the unicorn, but there are many animal options to choose from. And parents can rest easy knowing that the chenille fleece is machine washable.

Head, Chin, and Neck Pillow

Long flights and car rides can be tough on little ones. Nap time (or for overnight travel, sleep) isn’t as easy as we’d like. Fortunately, there are ways to make it more manageable and this head, chin, and neck pillow helps to do just that. This pillow is perfectly designed to support young necks with it’s clever design; it has full support at the sides, but is thin in the neck to prevent heads from tipping forward. Plus, your child will love resting their head on a little, colorful critter!

Hand Sanitizer Keychain

Keeping hands clean is important to ensure a healthy journey for parents and kids alike. We love these fun and colorful hand sanitizer keychains that are made of stretchy, durable, water-resistant silicone. They come with a loop that can be easily attached to their travel backpack making clean-ups quick and convenient!

Native Lightweight & Easy-On Shoes

Lightweight shoes that can be slipped easily on and off are game changers. However, it is important to find a shoe that doesn’t just fall off. These shoes from Native fit the bill. Snug enough to stay on your child’s feet, but easy enough that they can (perhaps with a little help) slip right off when desired. Plus, these shoes are shock absorbent, hand-washable, and odor-resistant. Plus, they are incredibly fun!

Mir Wonder Stickers

Hey, that’s us! Mir Wonder was made for travel. Literally! Our stickers and posters are perfectly sized for easy travel, impressively wet-wipeable, waterproof, and tear-resistant. Plus, each product is packaged in a see-through travel bag that makes sorting and navigating a breeze. Best part? They encourage hours of independent, focused, and quiet play all while learning. We agree, it doesn’t get much better!

Wikki Sticks Sensory Toy

In addition to our stickers, we love this sensory toy from Wikki Sticks. A classic product that also encourages hours of independent, focused, and quiet play. These sticks are colorful and soft with zero mess. This product is small, making it easily packable and a travel container is also included.

Stasher Bags

Keep snacks, toys, hair ties, tissues, or other items in their place with our favorite reusable bags from Stasher. We love these bags because they are multi-purpose, non-toxic, reusable, and leak-free.

State Backpack

Cute meets functional with these backpacks from State. With endless options to choose from, we love their colorful prints and patterns. Plus, they are perfectly sized to hold one, two, or a few children’s things. Parents, you can even toss in a thing or two!

We hope this list has you feeling better equipped for smooth travel. Just remember to relax, have fun, and enjoy experiencing the wonders of the world!


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