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Our Story

With a global perspective and an emphasis on exploration, education, and creative expression, Mir Wonder is more than just a sticker brand - it is an immersive experience. Artful stickers and generously sized posters collide to reveal masterpieces that both children and adults enjoy to construct. From exotic animals to foreign lands and other captivating wonders of the world, Mir Wonder thoughtfully captures the joy of learning and exploration in an interactive way that is perfect for the whole family.

For Jennifer Chen Polat, founding Mir Wonder in Vancouver, Canada in 2021 was more than just an entrepreneurial journey, it was a passion project and a reflection of her life as an educator and mother. Inspired by her daughter, Jennifer desired to design a beautiful brand that upheld quality, creativity, and education through a worldwide lens. Driven by this passion and her greater purpose, it is Jennifer’s priority to exemplify the fortitude of an Asian female in business, serving as an example of leadership to her daughter and future generations to come.

Wonderfully smart, wonderfully fun, wonderful stickers, Mir Wonder.